Hot Tub Health Care



Regular Hot Tub Health Checks are imperative to the safety of the bathers against bacteria such as Legionella & E-Coli among others.


This will also help prolong the life of your Hot Tub and its working parts.


At The Hot Tub Man, we have several different Hot Tub Health options for you to choose from.


Regular Refresh Health Check

For Hot Tubs in regular use. Suggested 2-4 visits per year.

Remove Filters & Pillows – Rinse Clean & Soak Filters – Replacement Filters Charged Extra.

Add Bio Film Remover to existing water.

Flush Hot Tub – Clean inside Hot Tub Cover and Spa rim.

Drain Hot Tub & Deep Cleanse of Shell Surfaces.

Refill Hot Tub with Fresh Water - Shock Dose & Balance pH levels.

Test Components – Leave Garden as Found

Price: £180


Full Hot Tub Health Check

For Hot Tubs that have not been professionally cleaned (by us) for two years or more. 

Suggested Annual Visits.

Remove Filters & Pillows –Replace Filters Chargeable.

Add Bio Film Remover to existing water.

Thoroughly Flush Hot Tub – Full Component Test - Clean Hot Tub Cover

Drain Hot Tub & Deep Thorough Cleanse of Shell Rim & Surfaces.

Remove Cabinet Inspection Panel 

Open all Plumbing Unions for Thorough Drain – Remove Pipe Debris

Replace Worn ‘O’ Rings/Gaskets - Reconnect Plumbing 

Refill Hot Tub with Fresh Water - Shock Dose & Balance pH levels

Retest Components –List any Faults & Discuss – Faulty Parts Charged Extra

Refit Cabinet Panel – Pillows - New Filters 

Leave Garden as Found

Price: £250


Winterising & Reopening Hot Tub Service

Although we never recommend leaving a Hot Tub empty for prolonged periods, The Hot Tub Man can professionally & safely winterise and reopen your Hot Tub should the need arise

Winterising Price: £150

Reopening Price: £180

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