Q - Why is my Touch pad showing the error code 'flo'
A - Remove and clean your filters - if filters are blocked  
you can restrict the flo of the water and this error code can appear  
Q - How often should I change the water in my hot tub
A - It is recommended that you change the water at least 4 x a year.If the hot tub has excessive use, you might need to change the water more often that this. This is something we can help you with. 
 Q. What do I require before I buy a hot tub
A - 1 ) Suitable access - Our hot tubs are delivered on their side , you would 
need to ensure no drains, tree roots, or guttering etc is in the way , check each tub for its dimensions, please remember the packaging will add about 2" to each dimension.

A - 2) The correct base - Hot tubs are heavy and require a solid  
base. A concrete base, paving slabs or decking with a solid foundation will be sufficient. 

A - 3 ) The right electrical supply All our hot tubs require AMP ratings and they need their own dedicated electrical supply. They range from 13, 20, 32 & 40 AMPs. Please refer to the specifications for more details.

A - 4) A water supply nearby - You will require to fill your hot tub with water using a hose, so this needs to be nearby. 
Q- Do I need to keep my hot tub switched on all the time? 
A - Hot Tubs prefer to be switched on and running as this will prolong the life of your pumps, if you are going away or not planning on using your hot for a while, you can lower the temperature of the water , it is not recommended you turn the temperature down all the time as this will increase your running costs.
Q - How do I clean my hot tub filter
A - Cleaning your filter is easy, simply rinse it at least fortnightly with a garden hose. Try to get the dirt out of the pleats when doing so. If you have a really dirty filter then soak the filter for a few hours in a bucket with a recommended filter cleaner. Ideally you should have a spare filter to use while you're cleaning or soaking the other filter. 
Q- I really want a hot tub but my friend saw a link on facebook they said they are dangerous as you can catch diseases and they can kill you, is this true
A - If you are strict at balancing your chemicals, cleaning your filters and 
ensuring you change the water at least every 3 months your hot tub water should remain  clean and healthy, bacteria will grow in an unkempt hot tub. 
Q - How can I empty my hot tub
A - Most Hot Tubs will have a drain on the side of them, you can attach your hose to this and let the water run into the drain , failing that you can buy a submersible pump. 
Q - How do I fill my Hot Tub
A - The best way is to run a hose to it, place the hose into the filter housing, once the water has reached and can flow into the housing with ease you can switch off and remove the hose. 
Q - My hot tub water has brown / orange/ yellow particles floating in it, what am I doing wrong?
A - This is caused by either fake tan, self tanning sun creams or a build of products on the body, it is suggested that hot tub users shower prior to using their hot tubs, and use hot tub flush prior to emptying the hot tub  


For any more questions call : 01489 780 980 or email: info@thehottubman.co.uk

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