It's easy to get lost in the moment as you unwind to the sounds of the  
circulating water and relax with the powerful massage of the Helix jets. The  
Captiva is the ideal spa for reconnecting with family and friends. This spa has six fully jetted seats that offer a variety of jet configurations for every taste. 
Seating Capacity 7 all seater Model  
Size 84" x 84" x 36" 213 x 213 x 91cm 
Dry Weight 730 lbs 331 kg 
Filled Weight 4,064 lbs 1,843 kg 
Water Capacity 400 gl 1,514 lt  
The Captiva is here at our showroom why not come and take a look , or book a private wet test  
Deluxe Model =  
Adjustable Helix Jets - 52 
3 x Pumps = 2 x 6 hp &  
1 x 24 hr Whisperpure circ pump  
Full Foam  
Smart control LED panel  
Dynapoint LED Lighting - 4 small , 1 large, cabinet lighting  
Tranquillity LED waterfall  
From £ 10,295.00 
Standard Model = 
Adjustable Helix Jets - 33 
3 x Pumps = 2 x 6 hp & 
1 x 24 hr Whisperpure circ pump 
Full Foam 
Smart control LED panel 
Dynapoint LED Lighting - 4 small , 1 large, cabinet lighting 
Tranquillity LED waterfall 
From £8495.00 

Features as standard  

Tranquility Waterfall  
Exclusive to Island Class 
Listen to the soothing sound of falling water while you relax with a powerful massage. 
Insulating Spa Cover 
The foam cores are virgin, polystyrene foam, that is tapered from 4 inch to 2.5 inch to allow water to run-off. 
Superior Plumbing and Construction 
Our spas are built from the ground up to the highest standards. We start by building our frames using only pressure-treated lumber on top of a full ABS base. 
Ergonomic Design 
When designing our spas we don’t use the latest 3D modeling software – in fact, we don’t even use a mouse. We use such blunt instruments as chisels, sand blocks, files, and putty knives to create a fluid and stylish design that conforms to the body perfectly 
Circulation System 
Filters 30 gallons per min. Water is sanitised more than 100 times a day 
DynaPoint Lighting System Exclusive to Island Class 
A wonderful multicolour LED light show consisting of 4 small in-spa lights, 1 large light, cabinet lighting, light up tranquility waterfall, light up Island topside control panel and lighting to the optional Pillowfall. 
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