Hot Tub Storage  
Perfect for those of you that are moving house or doing up the garden. 
Our undercover secure storage area will keep your Hot Tub secure and give you peace of mind, enabling you to 
carry out your garden re vamp or House move without fear of the Hot Tub being damaged in the process. 
Our Storage Area is undercover and is off the main road and adjacent to our main shop, out of hours it is behind 2 locked gates and the unit itself is locked also. 
Our storage charges are £20 per 7 days 
This charge does not include the collection and redelivery of the Hot Tub  
If you are moving house why not ask us to relocate the Hot Tub for you, 
see the packages below 
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* collection and re - delivery charges will apply  
Relocation package 
Collection of the Hot Tub 
storage for however long you need it 
Relocating it to your new home 
connecting to your electrics and filling if required 
We can collect The Hot Tub a few days prior to the move,store it for 
you and then relocate it once your garden is ready. 
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Garden re vamp package 
Collection of the Hot Tub 
storage for however long you need it 
Relocating it back to your garden 
Filling and Installing if required. 
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Storage Terms and Conditions 
1 - £20 inc is the minimum payment for storage ,even if stored for less than 7 days - this storage charge does not include collecting and redelivering the Tub back to you, you will be quoted separately for that  
2- Storage charges start on the day we collect the hot Tub and end on the day of delivery, a full day will still be charged 
even if you have your hot tub delivered in the morning 
3 - If we are un able to deliver on the date you have asked for your storage charges will only apply until the requested date. 
4- Long term storage ( more 
than a month ) would be payable on a fortnightly basis via bank transfer, an invoiced will be emailed to you , any customer who does not pay  
and allows their account to reach £500, will be contacted and warned that their hot tub could then be sold to clear  
the balance. 
5- We only store Hot Tubs, 
we are unable to store any other garden or household objects, other than the Tubs cover and steps ( we would 
not store the gazebo ) 
6 - Please note we can only offer the fill and install service if you have your electrics in place, our engineer can then connect the Hot Tub to them 
7- once you decide to go ahead with storage / relocation / garden re vamp , the quote will 
be split into two parts, the first 
part payable on collect of 
your hot tub the second part 
when we re deliver your hot tub. 
.8 - As we are only storing the Hot Tubs , any faults found after they have been re delivered, will be assumed they were there prior to storage and will not be the responsibility of The Hot Tub Man 
9- For security reasons we are unable to allow you to drop of the Hot Tubs, they  
will need to be collected and  
redelivered by The Hot Tub  
man using our specialised equipment  
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